Hi there

My name is Marin and I’m Software Engineer. I work primarily in Go (since 2013), but also have experience in PHP, Flutter, VueJS.

I love cloud computing, so I work mostly in cloud environments like Google Cloud and AWS. My home lab consists of self-hosted things like git, CI, personal projects via dokku and other cool stuff. Feel free to ask me about it :)

In my free time, I play my electric guitar (self-taught), play/host games on Linux (Squad) and read books about software architectures, algorithms, and data structures. If you are looking for a perfect gift, this wishlist may help.

You can find me on:

  • Github where I push my open-source things
  • LinkedIn to talk about business
  • Twitter where I don’t post too much, only lurking :)
  • Other community forums, discord, and slack

If you need to send an email, my email is marin at this domain name :)

I’m also the author of YAP! a mobile app that is an OpenPGP utility to encrypt/decrypt messages. It’s built using Flutter and is available on Play Store

Currently, I’m not available for hire.