About me

Fast learner, team oriented, hard worker

Programming is my passion, I've been doing it for years now and I've loved every moment.
I enjoy working on complex and interesting problems, sharing my ideas, working with others, and contributing to like minded communities.
Designing systems that do amazing things from nothing has had my interest since I was very young.
It's my aim to use this passion and interest to help build and maintain the internet.



wide array of software design and development services

PHP Development

The most used programming language on web. Professional in using frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. I also worked with CMS and Webshop systems like OctoberCMS and OpenCart

Go Development

Free and open source programming language created at Google. Building REST API's, microservices, web apps on much scalable level

Javascript Development

JavaScript has become one of the most important programming languages in the world. I build apps with Node.js, Angular, JQuery and others.


MARIN-BASIC d.o.o. was establish on 12 August 2016. in Zagreb, Croatia

Providing you an confidence, flexibility, security, easy management and less paperwork. (eg no VISA needed)
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VATID · HR15482348933
IBAN · HR0424020061100794174
Address · Rakitska cesta 161, Sveta Nedelja, Croatia
Bank · Erste Bank


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